9 News

Installation, termination and testing of Category 5e, 6 and multi-mode fiber optic cabling throughout the news-room. This installation was performed in a occupied office environment without disruptions to normal business operations. The duration of this project was approximately 3 months.

Adams County Colorado

Installation of 6 miles of HDPE conduit by directional boring, installation of handholes, placement of fiber cable throughout the county, fusion splicing, fiber terminations and OTDR testing of County fiber networks.

Colorado School of Mines

Excavation and placement of a new conduit system to support communication facilities for a new dormitory campus environment. This installation consisted of over 20,000 feet of new conduit and multiple man-hole vault locations. The conduit system was installed in both favorable soil conditions and in a rock soil environment.

City of Glenwood Springs

Replacement and live cut-over of an existing long-haul single-mode fiber optic backbone system. This project consisted of installation of new backbone cabling through a underground conduit system and a live cut-over of over 500 single-mode fusion splices.

E-470/NW Parkway

Installation of underground innerduct and conduits and communication vaults by means of open trenching, directional boring and excavation. CCE also placed fiber optic cable, performed fusion splices and direct fiber terminations. This project involved several unique challenges including conduit installation at a depth of over 20 feet.

Grand County Library District

Installation, termination and testing of category 3 and 5e voice-data cabling in several locations throughout the library district. In several locations the installation occurred in historic buildings where aesthetics were of the utmost importance.

Teledyne Monitor Labs

Installation of cat 3 and cat 6 cable to approximately 300 locations throughout the building to include a warehouse with high ceilings. We also placed fiber-optic cable between the communication closets.

Colorado Natural Gas

Trenching, directional boring and excavation of new gas line service to existing residences in the Conifer area. CCE performed fusion connections to both new and existing gas main line.

Cogent Communications

Construction of several "last mile" laterals which involved utility locates in an urban downtown environment, potholing existing utilities, directional boring and fiber network construction.

Denver Public Schools

Trenching and directional boring and placement of innerduct and fiber cable to connect several schools within the school district.


Excavation and exposure of existing live long haul fiber cable to cover the cable with split steel conduit and a concrete casing.

Denver International Airport

Placement of high-pair-count copper cable in a existing duct bank.

HDR Engineering

Installation of cat 5e and cat 6 cable to approximately 250 workstation locations.